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Grooming Philosophy

At Dogma, dogs are too important to us to have a grooming experience be anything less than rewarding.For a dog, a grooming is not just a bath & a haircut, it’s an experience that, depending on the groomer & the environment, can be fun & pleasurable or something to be avoided at all costs!

At Dogma, dogs are too important to us to have a grooming experience be anything less than rewarding. From the moment they pull their owners through the front door until they excitedly greet their “Moms & Dads” to go home, they are treated with kindness & respect.

Groomers at Dogma have to be well versed in any area involving dogs.

They must have a calm & gentle demeanor & have the ability to read canine body pet owners dogma groominglanguage & communicate in a way that dogs understand.

They must be skilled in the use of all the tools required to satisfy our high standards of grooming quality.

They must have creative instincts & an artistic flair to visualize & then execute the desired grooming.

They must have a broad base of knowledge concerning dog breeds & anatomy. These are all things that take years to master to become an exceptional groomer.

Even with over 50 years of combined experience & having groomed over 200,000 dogs in our grooming careers, we are always seeking ways to improve our skills & learn new things to benefit our “clients”. We believe in making your dog look exactly how you imagine, whether it’s looking just the way your breed should look or creating a unique style for your breed of “mixed heritage” or just making sure your dog is clean, comfortable & beautiful!

dogma grooming is dedicated to amimalsBeing involved over the years in many aspects of the dog world - breeding, exhibiting, dog psychology & behavior, training, rescue, etc. - has given us important insights into just how much dogs enrich & impact our lives.

We are dedicated to all animals, but especially to those of the canine persuasion! We consider ourselves more than dog lovers, we are dog “lifers”. We have spent, & will continue to spend, our lives caring for & “living” dogs!