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Nutrition Philosophy

"You are what you eat" - we've all heard that phrase before. But we have the ability to choose our foods, hopefully choosing to eat more of what's good for us than not.

Our pets depend on us to make that choice for them. At Dogma, we believe proper nutrition can have a huge impact on a pet's quality & length of life.

We wouldn't choose to eat foods that cause an allergic reaction in our bodies, but many owners unknowingly are feeding their pets foods that do just that. In many cases, just changing what a dog eats can have the effect of a "miracle cure" from a variety of skin & coat problems & other allergy related symptoms.

In severe cases veterinary advice is always recommended, but for a dog that is experiencing itchy skin, ear problems, runny eyes, dry or oily coat, funky odor, bad breath or "gassiness", feeding a diet that is free of the most common allergy causing ingredients as well as certain chemicals & preservatives can be immensely beneficial.

Veterinary administered shots or medications can sometimes stop or cover up the symptoms but don't cure the underlying problem. By feeding your pet a pure, natural & chemical & preservative free food made with the best top quality real meats including uncommon or alternative protein sources & other proven beneficial ingredients, you are decreasing the chances of allergy related symptoms & increasing the chances of having a pet with a long & healthy life.

WARNING : Are These Ingredients In Your Dog Food?

1) Blood Meal - A "protein booster" that is slaughterhouse waste most commonly used as a plant fertilizer.

2) Propyl Gallate - Basically fake estrogen that can negatively effect reproductive hormones and can even effect an unborn fetus.

3) Propylene Glycol - A moisture preservative that is mostly used in ANTIFREEZE.

4) BHA - Common cancer and tumor causing agent.

6) BHT - Substance used in JET FUEL and EMBALMING FLUID that is used to increase the shelf life of fat containing products.

7) Ethoxyquin - Fat preservative also used as a PESTICIDE and to harden rubber.

5) TBHQ - Explosive compound stabilizer used to increase dog food shelf life.

Allergy Causing & Toxic Ingredients

Ground whole grain corn - frequently contaminated with mites, insects, and molds

Chicken by-product meal - Slaughterhouse waste

Animal Fat / Animal Digest - ex. diseased cattle, slaughterhouse waste, restaurant grease, possibly euthanized pets

Soybean Mill-Run, Corn Gluten Meal, Brewers Rice - Cheap low quality filler

Soy Flour - Sugar

Menadione - Linked to liver toxicity, allergies, and the abnormal break-down of red blood cells